Legacy Sterling Warrant Information

CUSIP No. 200340123

The terms of the legacy Sterling Warrants to purchase Comerica common stock (expiring December 12, 2018) provide for certain adjustments to the Exercise Price and Warrant Share Number in connection with each quarterly common stock dividend in excess of $0.2326. The table below summarizes these adjustments through the most recent dividend record date.

Links to the related Warrant Agreement, Form of Warrant, and the notice and statement issued in connection with the current dividend record date, can be found below. Please review these documents for additional information regarding any adjustments.

Dividend Record Date Exercise Price Warrant Share Number
Original terms $7.180 1.00
July 28, 2011 $7.180 0.2365
June 15, 2017 $7.177 0.24
September 15, 2017 $7.170 0.24
December 15, 2017 $7.164 0.24
March 15, 2018 $7.159 0.24
June 15, 2018 $7.151 0.24
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