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Governance Overview

Comerica's Commitment

Comerica is very committed to sound corporate governance practices. We believe that strong corporate governance is important, and that integrity and trustworthiness are the cornerstones upon which successful companies are built.

A Tradition of Strong Corporate Governance

Comerica has a tradition of strong corporate governance. Well before the adoption of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 and related rules, we had implemented many of the governance features that companies are now expected to have.

For example:

  • Comerica has had (and continues to have) a board comprised almost entirely of independent directors, as well as audit, compensation and governance committees comprised entirely of independent directors;
  • Comerica already had implemented, formally or informally, many of the items now included in its Corporate Governance Guidelines; and
  • Comerica has had a code of ethics for many decades because it believes ethical behavior is essential to good corporate governance.

Comerica Values Integrity and Trustworthiness

We value integrity and trustworthiness in our employees and our directors, since we feel those characteristics lead to honest, responsible business conduct. We are committed to serving our shareholders and believe that our shareholders deserve and expect ethical business practices.

Comerica is Committed to Providing Fair and Accurate Disclosure

We also are committed to providing fair and accurate disclosure to our investors and the public at large. Part of good corporate governance is informing the shareholders about us - our management and board structure, our key governance documents, as well as our financial picture.

For More Information

We are proud of our corporate governance initiatives and invite you to learn more about Comerica by clicking on some of our key corporate governance documents or other information in this website.

Press releases, archived webcasts/presentations/conference calls, and SEC filings speak only to the date they are issued, made or filed, respectively. Investors should not rely on such information as being unchanged in making investment decisions.

Contact Information

Investor Relations (214) 462-6831
Human Resources Issues (800) 971-4250
(e.g., harassment, discrimination, workplace safety, etc.)
Accounting or Audit-Related Issues (800) 971-4276

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Committee Charters
Download Corporate Governance DocumentationAudit Committee
Download Corporate Governance DocumentationGovernance, Compensation and Nominating Committee
Download Corporate Governance DocumentationQualified Legal Compliance Committee
Download Corporate Governance DocumentationEnterprise Risk Committee
Governance Documents
Download Corporate Governance DocumentationCorporate Governance Guidelines
Download Corporate Governance DocumentationSenior Financial Officer Code of Ethics
Download Corporate Governance DocumentationCode of Business Conduct and Ethics for Employees
Download Corporate Governance DocumentationCode of Business Conduct and Ethics for Members of the Board of Directors
Download Corporate Governance DocumentationGuidelines to Ethical Business Conduct
Download Corporate Governance DocumentationRecoupment Policy